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Former Dallas Cowboy Shits All Over Tony Romo and Jason Garrett

Former Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher ripped his former quarterback Tony Romo over his playmaking ability and his ego after the two played together for nearly a decade in Dallas.

“Romo didn’t have the ‘it’ factor to make people around him better,” Hatcher said in an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. “I think when I was there, he thought he was bigger than the team. It was like Romo and then the team. Like nobody in the locker room is really going to respect you like that. I really don’t respect him as a player based on what he did to the team where a lot of people didn’t see.”

He continued: “Romo was feeling like he was a Brett Favre and I’m like, ‘Dude, you ain’t do nothing. What have you done? You got your own space that you leave … don’t come in the locker room and interact with your teammates, but you call yourself a leader? Nah, partner. It don’t work like that.’

“He’s got great numbers, but he’s had so many opportunities. Like if I was a GM, Romo do not have the ability to make people around him want to play for him.” (NYP)

Jason Hatcher is a former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman who played with Tony Romo for eight seasons and apparently he hated all eight of those years. Feel you, Jason.

Tony Romo may be the most beloved color commentary guy in the sport right now but let’s not forget that he wasn’t always that popular. My man was the king of the pick six as it seemed like every time the Cowboys were making a 4th quarter comeback, Romo would toss an interception directly into the chest of a cornerback who would always run it back to the endzone. Every time. OG Nathan Peterman.

Romo won zero meaningful games. Dak Prescott is still on his rookie contract and he’s already advanced further in the playoffs than Tony Romo did in his entire career.

Sooo, I can imagine being on that team and thinking that Romo is acting like a megastar because he’s humping Jessica Simpson instead of actually winning the NFC East.

Here’s what Jason Hatcher added about Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett in regards to him intentionally submarining the team when Wade Phillips was the head coach and Garrett was the offensive coordinator:

“Let me tell you something. I’m going to tell you the truth. I saw Jason Garrett sabotage this man,” Hatcher said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We ran three plays, three freaking plays [before Wade was fired]. I don’t care what the media say. We was flying around. We was out of pads in week 7 [in 2009]. We was beating people’s heads in. Now we go into camp cupcake [in 2010] and do what Wade don’t want to do. We get in pads, we beat each other down. We tired, we not fresh. And then you go and call three or four plays [Garrett on offense] ’til this man gets fired.”

Jason Garrett’s biggest criticism to this day is his inability to create a dynamic offense. Even last season, it appeared as though the Cowboys were running the same two plays over and over again.

I need this today. With the New York Giants destroying everything I love, thank you Jason Hatcher for shitting on the Dallas Cowboys. If Albert Haynesworth wants to jump on a local radio station and dunk on Joe Gibbs, I’m all for it. Feed me all of the mid 2000s NFC East slander. I need this.



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