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Former Atlanta Hawks Employee Is Suing The Team For Discrimination Against White People

Margo Kline, formerly a community development coordinator for the Atlanta Hawks, has filed a lawsuit against the team in which she claims she was discriminated against because of her race and gender.

In the suit, Kline specifically accuses David Lee, a black man who supervised her, of promoting a “culture of discrimination against white individuals.” The suit includes a list of non-specific examples of Lee’s alleged discriminatory practices

According to the suit, Kline and Shaw had this conversation during the lunch:

At that lunch, Plaintiff shared her ongoing concerns about the inappropriate and discriminatory behavior she was experiencing and witnessing. Among other things, she reminded Ms. Shaw of a group discussion a few days prior in which Ms. Shaw showed Plaintiff and Mr. Lee a picture of a political campaign at a local HBCU (Historically Black College and University) saying, “Look at this, they have a group called ‘Blacks for Trump.’” Mr. Lee stated that he refused to believe it, and “it was probably just a bunch of white people in black face.” Although Ms. Shaw laughed at the comment at the time, at the lunch on February 3, 2017, Ms. Shaw told Plaintiff that Mr. Lee’s comment was ignorant and said, “That could be a lawsuit!”



“Making jokes about white culture”. Okay yea, Margo Kline is every annoying white woman on planet Earth that doesn’t have the life she believes she ‘deserves’ so she blames everyone around here. Must be racism against white people that’s preventing me from getting a promotion. Not the fact that I’m a weirdo that can’t have normal conversations at lunch and gets uncomfortable around black people.

The worst part about this lawsuit is that she is 1000% going to win. No doubt in my mind that David Lee is going to lose his job and the Atlanta Hawks are going to pay this mayonnaise queen all the money in the world in order to protect ‘white culture’.

Everything described in that suit is exactly what life is like for a black person at literally every single company and there’s nothing we can do about it. Our white bosses make weird pseudo-racist comments and jokes and white people get promoted around us.

I hope Margo Kline gets the reparations she deserves.




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