For Someone Who Wants a New Contract, Julio Jones Sure Hates Catching Touchdowns

Julio Jones is second the NFL with 707 receiving yards. He’s behind Adam Theilen who happens to also have 4 touchdowns to his name. He is 4th in the NFL with 69 targets. Nice.  But most importantly, he is last in the NFL with a grand total of ZERO touchdowns which is down from his disgustingly low 3 touchdowns a season ago.

Before the season started, Julio Jones flirted with the idea that he was going to hold out to restructure his contract. He missed all of the offseason workouts and deleted Falcons related content from his Instagram which is a cute move.

Then when he reluctantly returned to the Falcons, he took a look at his 3 touchdowns from last season and said ‘I can do worse’.

But Julio isn’t struggling out there. He is literally setting records for his amount of production without actually landing in the end zone. He is currently on pace to be the first wide receiver to reach the 2,000-yard receiving mark.

For Jones fans, I get it. He is still putting up monster numbers but here’s the thing: touchdowns straight up decide wins and losses. Yards and catches are great for deciding who makes Pro Bowl rosters but as far as overall team success, touchdowns change the outcomes of games.

Are the Atlanta Falcons intentionally avoiding Julio in the red zone? According to FiveThirtyEight, yes. Starting in 2014, Matt Ryan has refused to throw the ball in the end zone for reasons unknown to man.

Or maybe he’s just cursed. At this point, you’d be a fool to at least not check what online sport betting bookmarkers are setting the odds for Julio Jones catching a TD this season and not considering putting some money down.

Should the Atlanta Falcons pay Julio Jones more?

As the Falcons currently sit at 2-4, no. The Falcons should look to invest in offensive players who want to, you know, score and win games.



sidenote: Yes, I waited 5 weeks to write this article. I had to wait for Odell Beckham to finally catch his first touchdown so I can feel better about talking shit about Julio. Well worth the wait.




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