Football Coach Fired Because He Had Too Many Black Players On The Team

Camden Catholic high school in New Jersey and head coach Nick Strom had a little bit of a disagreement over the number of black people on their football team. Claaaaasic faceoff in 2018 where a high school doesn’t want the coloreds to wear their jersey. A tale as old as time.

Here’s what Nick Strom had to say about his dismissal from Camden Catholic:

“I think this [is] from me not conforming with their viewpoints on what they want the student body and the football team to look like,” Strom told the paper. “I’ve tried to build this program into one that’s based on kids being of ability, high character and high grades.

“From Day 1, the administration told me they did not approve of the ratio of black to white students.”


The problem is, Nick Strom has a 34-6 coaching record which means that he’s a great football coach so they are clearly firing him because of his failure on the field. As far as him being fired as a history teacher, he earned tenure and his students flourished. So ya know, the school pretty much didn’t want black kids at their school. Noooot a great look.

I’m pretty sure this is the plot of Remember The Titans so this will have a happy ending and Denzel Washington is going to come save this program.

The president of the school, Mary Whipkey, had a decent counter argument and reason for the firing:

Whipkey detailed the reasons for the non-renewal. It included dress violations, disrespect to the president after those violations, leaving class early to prepare to coach golf, leaving class to talk to a college coach and allowing students to leave class early.

Okay yea, this guy was basically me at a job where I try to get away with as much as possible and dare my boss to fire me. I’ll be sitting at my computer pretending to work but I’m actually watching Youtube videos all morning before I go on a two-hour lunch break.

Coach Strom was pegging to get fired. Then he was. Makes sense now.







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