Florida Republican Candidate Lied About Having a College Degree and Then Posted a Photo Holding a Very Fake Diploma

What Happened?

A Florida State House candidate has been accused of lying about having graduated from college and posing for a photo with a fake diploma.

The candidate, Melissa Howard, who is running in a Republican primary for the 73rd District in the state House of Representatives, is facing calls to drop out of the race after Miami University of Ohio said she had not graduated, as she had claimed on her campaign website.

It all began when FLA News, a local news outlet, reported last week that the school had no record of Ms. Howard’s degree. She flew to Ohio on Friday in an attempt to prove the website’s reporting wrong. Shortly after, she posted a photo on Facebook of herself with a diploma.

The website briefly retracted its story and apologized to Ms. Howard. But it reposted it when the school said in a statement that the diploma in the photo was not “accurate.”

“The picture of the diploma shows that Melissa Marie Fox received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from Miami University on December 20, 1996. We have no such record of a degree,” the school’s general counsel said, in a statement that used Ms. Howard’s maiden name.


Meet Melissa Howard, the woman who looks like an unsuccessful and super pushy real estate agent that had ‘one bad day’ like The Joker and cut her mouth open to form her fake smile. Melissa was caught lying about graduating from college with an extremely low stakes Marketing degree.

That degree has nothing to even do with politics. That’s how much of a shark this woman is. Throw everyone off the scent with some bullshit piece of paper that’s dated back in 1996 and no one will notice. A queen.

As a fellow college dropout, I totally understand my girl lying about getting a diploma here. Everything thinks getting a degree is soooo special but it takes real street smarts to create a fake diploma and take a photo of it with your mother and post it on Facebook so that you can win a local election.

I have no idea what her policies are or what she stands for but she won my vote. I’m tired of all these geeks with their degrees and their not lying about graduating from Miami University of Ohio and blah blah. Time to drain the swamp. No more politicians.

Elect Melissa Howard who looks like there’s a sniper rifle pointed at her chest that’s forcing her to smile uncomfortably.

College is dumb. Vote 4 Melissa.

sidenote: she looks like her breath aaaaaalways smells bad. Always.

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