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The First Official Trailer For Marvel’s The Defenders is Out and It Looks Dope As Fuck

Well, this show looks like absolute fire emoji. I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that I know I’ll be binge watching this entire show in one entire sitting with no breaks or food or water. That moment when Matt Murdock stumbles into Jessica Jones’s interrogation was huge. If that was the entire trailer, I’d be hyped.

But nope, it only gets better from that point. Elektra is resurrected, Sigourney Weaver is in there wearing a fly ass coat. Luke Cage and Rosario Dawson have some more sweet pillow talking, Jessica Jones seems to still have undefined powers but you know, she’s strong or whatever.

But real quick, Danny Rand is still the worst character ever and I hate him and the actor for being whiny and not charismatic at all and I know for a fact he is going to ruin this show for me. “I’m the legendary Iron Fist’. WE KNOW, GUY. Shut the fuck up about it.

Anyway, glad to see Netflix Marvel shows sticking to its roots with hallway fight scenes. If it ain’t broke, break it.


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