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Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji: Drake’s ‘More Life’

Guys, this Drake kid might be a star someday. Maybe that’s hyperbole but something tells me he’s got a bright future. This young Jamaican grime rapper from Houston whose parents live in Toronto might save hip hop.

Love that we’re all totally cool with Drake’s swag jacking. I guess ever since we let Rick Ross pretend to be a drug dealer, we kind of did this to ourselves. We are stuck cringing when Drake says ‘Ting’ and drains Quavo dry of all of his street cred. Versace. Versace. Versace. Versace.

I reallyyy wanted to be able to make fun of this album. I thought it would be 22 tracks like the 2016 single ‘Fake Love’ but nope, he straight’s the album off by actually rapping on ‘Free Smoke’. I want to drunk text J-Lo so badly. I know she’s the type of broad who would read your late night drunk text and call you to say ‘are you stupid?’

If you don’t pretend to play a fake flute when you hear ‘Portland’ then you don’t enjoy anything. Just stay in bed forever. So much greatness in the world wasted on your bitch ass.


If this album came out before Kanye West and Donald Trump were best friends then I would’ve written a 1,000 word thesis on how great ‘Glow’ is buuut unfortunately it’s 2017 and I all I can say is ‘at least Kanye doens’t look THAT foolish with blonde hair’.

Blem. Blem. Blem.




Best Track: Sacrifices

Worst Track: Fake Love




Final Verdict: Fire Emoji






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