Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji: Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’

I stayed up to 3AM listening to the new Big Sean album and if you know how I feel about Big Sean then you know how much of a sacrifice I made just to write this review. I don’t need a pat on the back for how hard I work to bring you people this amazing content but like, I’ll take one. Thank me later, I suppose.

I Decided, the brand new Metro Boomin album with the occasional Big Sean verses. I know that thre are really only three songs on I Decided produced by Metro Boomin that’s just how good he is. All he needs is three credits and it becomes his project.

This album is a testament to my theory that EVERYONE just sounds better after you here ‘if young Metro don’t trust you I’m gone shoot’. When I heard ‘Metro Boomin want some more’ drop in the middle of ‘Voices in my Head/Stick to the Plan’ I lost my mind.

Here’s my criticism of Big Sean, he’s monotone which comes off as boring. That’s on full display when his voice is consistent on ‘No Favors’ and then Eminem jumps on and shows you how powerful his ability to change his voice inflection is when he comes on monotone like Big Sean and then just goes off and says mean things about Lana Del Rey again for no reason.

Second, Big Sean simply doesn’t have a big enough vocabulary so a lot of his bars end with the same words. With that being said, it’s for sure noticeable on I Decided but it’s not a problem. Everything works and I hate myself for saying this but I think Big Sean is a good rapper.

2017 is weird.




Best Track: Sacrifices

Worst Track: Owe Me



Final Verdict: Fire Emoji




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