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Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Damn’

For hip hop heads, today is a big day. Kendrick Lamar has dropped a new album. Damn. As a former backpacker, I appreciate the thrill of a lyrical rapper releasing new music. This was a period in my life when I new every time any rapper released anything. Times were simpler then.

My biggest problem with Kendrick is that his album never have any bangers. I don’t want to listen to lyrical rap with boring beats and no features. Shout out to J Cole fans for being the most boring humans on planet Earth.

Damn has bangers but I will give that credit more to Mike Will Made It and not necessarily to Kendrick. I also can’t pat any rapper’s back for having a feature with U2. There is nothing fire emoji about U2. Does Kendrick not have Young Thug’s number?

Expectations are high for K-Dot. Drake released the best album of his career so Kendrick seemed to rush out Damn. This album would be a great mixtape like 3 years ago. Having said that, when DNA comes on, I’m rolling down the windows for sure.




Best Track: DUCKWORTH.

Worst Track: YAH.



Final Verdict: Poop Emoji




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