We Finally Got Our First Trailer For Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix

Now, I’ll be honest, I know nothing about Iron Fist. As much as I’m a comic book nerd, Marvel tertiary characters never did it for me. I’m also pretty sure Iron Fist has the same exact origin story as Doctor Strange but instead of a wise Asian man giving him the ability to cast spells, a wise asian man gave him a magic fist.

Having said that, I will be watching this series beginning to end when it hits Netflix. I’m addicted to these Marvel/Netflix collabs. I don’t even care about the movies anymore. Give me a 13-episode Spider-Man series TODAY. I’d watch the shit out of that shit.

You know you’re about to get a great Marvel Netflix series when there’s a hallway fight scene featured in the trailer. Danny Rand is going to punch someone faces off for no reason. Cannot wait. Is he going to wear a bright yellow bandana over his head? God, I hope so but probably not. Is he going to punch fools for 50 minutes straight? Probably. Can’t wait.



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