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Feed Me All of the Miguel Andujar Propaganda

Miguel Andujar only played in 12 games in 2019 after suffering a season-ending shoulder injury. His spot was completely snatched up by Gio Urshela who immediately proved that he was an astronomically better glove at third base than Andujar but he also showed that he carries just as big of a bat as Miggy.

In his 2018 rookie season, Andujar led the Yankees in hitting with a .297 batting average to go along with 27 bombs and 92 RBIs. He won the Rookie of the Year Award because we’re not about to sit here and say that Shohei Ohtani was better.

Andujar limped into 2019 with a bum shoulder and struggled. 6 hits in 47 at-bats (.128BA).

It’s safe to assume that entering 2020, Gio Urshela is the Yankees starting third baseman and Miguel Andujar was simply a trade chip to enhance the Yankees bullpen, if need be.

Andujar would join Clint Frazier in Yankees purgatory where no matter how well you play, if you make one single mistake you’re fucking back to riding the Scranton bus as you wait for Brian Cashman to trade you.

Sike, bitch. Miguel Andujar is out here JACKED working on his fielding. While you were sleeping, Miggy was grinding. That’s the body of a man poised to hit 40 homers and 124 RBIs. By the All-Star break.

Here’s what Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, had to say about Andujar’s health:

“We believe he’s going to be totally healthy as he enters Spring Training and good to go”

Not much to say there but we need not worry about this man’s shoulders any longer. If anything, we should be concerned about the shoulders of opposing pitchers who have to throw their arms off if they want to get any baseball past Andujar’s bat this season.

Part of me should temper my expectations knowing that we did the same exact thing with Greg Bird prior to last season and he only ended up playing 10 games before he was ‘injured’ with no injury updates all year before he was finally designated for assignment this winter.

But here’s the difference between Greg Bird and Miguel Andujar: Miguel Andujar is, was, and has always been better than Greg Bird.

The only question now becomes where does he play next season? Gio Urshela is one of the best corner defenders in baseball. I can’t imagine Miguel Andujar is suddenly quicker to react now that he’s twice as big.

The easy answer is DH. With Aaron Hicks out with injury (AGAIN), that moves Brett Gardner to centerfield and Giancarlo Stanton to left thus opening up the DH spot for Andujar.

I don’t think Stanton is long for the outfield.

The man gets hurt walking off the bus. 162 games of running around in the field seems impossible for him at this point in his career so he’ll probably need the DH spot open.

Miguel Andujar should be spending all of Spring Training working on developing into a first baseman. Luke Voit wasn’t good enough to make the postseason roster and by the second half of the year, he was outplayed by local New Jersey pizza boy, Mike Ford.

Andujar should be getting no less than 3 at-bats a night. I have fallen for the propaganda. He’s the best player on the team, apparently.

Yankees in 4.



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