FedEx Refuses To Deliver Packages to Madonna Because They Don’t Believe She’s Actually Madonna

Wow celebrities really are just like us, aren’t they? You have to respect Madonna for constantly reinventing herself. In 2017, She is our aunt who complains about customer service on social media and leaves detailed yelp reviews and comments on your Facebook status with ‘call me, sweetie. Love ya!’.

But in all seriousness, why isn’t FedEx delivering shit to this woman? I have never in my life written my actual name when I order something online. It doesn’t/shouldn’t matter. I could write ‘Barack Obama’ on my next purchase and I better get that package within 48 hours or I’m burning down FedEx HQ.

Do you know how many people probably write their name as ‘Madonna’? Are none of these people getting their packages either? Also, Madonna has a legal last name. She might want to throw that on her delivery info and not be a superstar when ordering a book.

FedEx sucks.




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