FBI Once Again Finds No Crimes in Hillary’s Emails, Lets Move On

FBI Director James B. Comey notified key members of Congress Sunday afternoon that after reviewing newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails the agency stands by its original findings against recommending charges.

Comey wrote that investigators had worked “around the clock” to review all the emails found on a device used by former congressman Anthony Weiner that had been sent to or from Clinton and that “we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July.”

The conclusion from Comey provided one more twist to the 2016 presidential race and cleared away a major distraction for Clinton and her team just two days before the election.

(Washington Post)


Sweet, can we never talk about these fucking emails ever again? K, thanks. There has never been a bigger smokescreen in an election than these emails. How many times does the FBI have to sift through her boring ass nonsense before people realize that she’s not a criminal? She’s just a sketchy power hungry politician, like every other politician in the history of politics.

Hillary Clinton is an old woman who doesn’t understand how emails work. She’s not some master criminal sending launch codes to terrorists and sending bomb schematics to Iran. She just made a mistake and didn’t understand which email and address to use and when. Let’s all chill.

The biggest part of this story is 1000% Anthony Weiner’s involvement. If he wasn’t obsessed with sending photos of his dick to literally anyone with a smartphone, there wouldn’t even be a need for the second FBI investigation.

I want Anthony Weiner as my president actually. He’d make Bill Clinton look like the Pope with all the disgusting scandals he’d go through. I’m pretty sure he’s currently in trouble for sliding into a 13-year old’s DMs aka No Man’s Land.



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