Fans Are Petitioning For Zack Snyder to Direct Batman Solo Movie

Created by ScreenGeek writer Jennifer Huneycutt, the petition lauds Snyder for his refusal to inflict dreaded “artistic license” on rigorously faithful comic book adaptations like 300 or Watchmen, while praising him for his “beautifully dark DCEU.” (We’d argue that decisions like making Pa Kent commit suicide-by-tornado in Man Of Steel, or turning Lex Luthor into a giggling, piss-pranking Silicon Valley tech dweeb in Batman V. Superman might also constitute “artistic license,” but we don‘t want to be the haters that the petition orders to “pipe down.”) Somewhat shockingly, at least 3,500 people seem to agree with Huneycutt’s appreciation for Snyder’s joy-free superhero slogs, signing on to the idea that DC’s cinematic universe can only catch up to the diversely directed MCU by keeping things in the hands of a single, “Martha!”-shouting creative voice.

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After Ben Affleck decided that he can no longer direct the Batman solo movie, fans have stepped up with their desire to have Zack Snyder finish the vision he started. I think we can all agree that the best aspect of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was Batman.

Having said, I. Hate. This. Zack Snyder’s DC movies are absolute garbage. Why are fans into this guy? Superman is my favorite comic book hero of all time and Snyder shit down Clark Kent’s throat. How could you watch weird Jesse Eisenberg Mark Zuckerberg his way through the worst Lex Luthor performance ever and think Snyder deserves another chance.

Literally have anyone but Zack Snyder step up and direct this Batman movie and I’ll be excited. Fuck Zack Snyder.



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