Ezekiel Elliot Will FINALLY Be Suspended 6 Games For Beating the Shit Out a Chick

Let’s GOOOOO. Get your lawyers and attorneys and all of your legal losers ouuuut of here, Zeke. You punched a woman’s head off. You can’t go to work for awhile. Please stop fighting this and move on.

There are good people on planet Earth and there are bad people on planet Earth. Ezekiel Elliot is one of those bad people. I want/need him to be suspended forever but I’ll settle for 6 games. But knowing how the world works, he’ll probably take the appeal to New York and will delay this suspension even further until the season is over.

The Dallas Cowboys are the wooorst. Zeke will beat up your sister and as long as he stands for the anthem, Jerry Jones will praise him for knocking your sister out. Merica.

Boycott the NFL. Lol jk, I’ll be watching every Sunday until I die.



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