Ezekiel Elliot Continues To Be The Worst Human As He Is Currently Being Sued $1 Million For Running a Red Light and Hitting A Random Dude in a Car

What Happened?

Ronnie Hill, the man who was involved in a 2017 car accident with Ezekiel Elliott, is suing the Dallas Cowboys running back for $1 million to cover medical costs stemming from the crash.

According to NBC 5’s Meredith Yeomans, the injuries occurred when Elliott ran a red light and crashed into the passenger’s side of Hill’s BMW 7 Series on Jan. 11, 2017.

In Thursday’s filing, Hill said he has “suffered, and continues to suffer serious, life-altering injuries and damages.”

“Zeke Elliott, to his credit, admitted at the scene that he ran the red light,” Hill’s attorney, Quentin Brogdon, said. “Zeke Elliott, as far as we know, has not impeded in any way the agreed resolution or settlement of these legal claims.”

(Bleacher Report)


Ezekiel Elliot is the poster child for why it’s impossible to enjoy the NFL, a league full of players who treat life like it’s Grand Theft Auto. Elliot was suspended¬†six games last season for beating a woman up and when he’s not bodyslamming women, he’s running red lights and t-boning oncoming traffic.

What a great guy.

Ezekiel Elliot could be the best running in the NFL if he didn’t spend all of his free time in courtrooms. He is going out of his way to be the biggest garbage bag in the game. He’s one murder charge away from making the Hall of Fame. Shout out Ray Lewis.

Can we start next season with 31 teams and pretend like the Dallas Cowboys don’t exist?

Imagine crawling out of your totaled car and seeing Ezekiel fucking Elliot standing over you wearing that belly shirt with a smile on his face. It is shocking that Ronnie Hill is only suing him for $1 million. I would need a $1 million direct deposit monthly for the rest of my life if an NFL running back nearly kills me in a car crash.

I assume Ronnie Hill is showing up to court with a fake neck brace and a wheelchair he’s borrowing to squeeze every last penny from this human teddy graham.

Sure, Ezekiel Elliot will punch your girlfriend in the face and run you over while you’re mining your own business on the sidewalk but at least we all know that he’d never kneel during the National Anthem so again, he is suuuuch a great guy.







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