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Everyone Please Send Ayesha Curry Your Dick Pics

Quick round of applause to Jada Pinkett and her Facebook talk show where she brings other lightskin women to openly discuss the private aspects of their relationships.

Once a month Jada is trending for this show. Respect.

Ayesha Curry was the latest victim of Jada’s viral marketing campaign to make the Smith family the leaders of the Illuminati, as she went out there and complained about not getting male attention which some would say is ironic considering she’s built her brand on being a conservative woman who is dedicated to her husband and would never show any skin to win the gaze of any man that isn’t her betrothed.

Ayesha Curry, a woman who consistently looks like she is forever swollen from sticking her head in a wasp’s nest, wanting more attention from men after shaming women for years for wanting more attention from men is interesting character development. Longterm storytelling >>>>

You either die a hero or live long enough to get roasted on Twitter for being thirsty as hell.

There is nothing wrong with the extremely round-faced woman to want guys to look at her. That’s normal. She had three children and has been with Steph since they were teenagers. She’s going through it right now.

But this seems like one of those unspoken things that should probably remain unspoken.

All day long I see not-so-great looking women complaining about men sliding in their DMs unprovoked. And these women aren’t cooking on the Food Network with a famous husband playing in the Finals anymore.

Ayesha Curry opened a can of worms here.

Everyone give her what she wants. Everyone storm Ayesha’s DMs like French revolutionists storming the Bastille and toppling the financial reign of the Second Estate.

Feed this woman all of the dick pics that her internet bandwidth can handle. I want her phone to freeze because there are so many incoming .jpg’s of erect male genitals.

This is what Ayesha wants. Trust me. Send some to Steph Curry too so he can convey the message over to his wife.

Please catcall this woman. If you see her walking down the street, instead of respecting her personal boundaries, make inappropriate compliments on her physical appearance and be sure to tell her to smile.

Stop looking her in the eyes when you speak to her. Her boobs are down there. Pay attention.

Send Ayesha Curry your dick pics.

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