Everyone Laugh At Mike Pence

Mike Pence is one of the biggest losers in American political history. He’s a weirdo conservative Christian which means he was rooting for the town in Footloose that outlawed dancing.

This week, Pence caught another L after choosing to stay at Trump’s golf resort in Doonbeg, Ireland, which is about three hours out of the way from Dublin where he was supposed to meet with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

And did I say Pence ‘chose’ to stay there? Because what I actually meant was Trump told him to stay at his place and Pence tucked his tail between his legs, as always, and traveled out of his way to stay in Trump’s guest house because he can’t say no to master.

Pence then attempted to cover up his Trump dick sucking by saying he stayed in Doonbeg because his ancestors are from there or some shit even though his Chief of Staff already told reporters that it was Trump’s idea.

I suppose it’s tough to come out and say that Trump forced you to stay at his place because he’d make an extra dollar from it and you couldn’t say no because you are a vagina so just make something up about ancestors because tradition!!

All of this is hilarious with the new context of Donald Trump secretly trying to knock Pence off the ballot in 2020.

But the relationship between their political teams has soured greatly in the past year, according to a dozen Trump and Pence aides and Republican advisers familiar with the dynamic. In particular, rumors that Kushner and Ivanka Trump wanted to consider replacements for Pence — specifically trying to find a woman running mate to help win back the suburbs in 2020 — have worried the vice president’s camp, according to Trump and Pence campaign advisers who spoke on background for this story. (Yahoo)

It’s also been said that Trump has all but demanded Mike Pence write in blood that he won’t run for president in 2024. Imagine selling your soul and blowing Trump for 4-8 years only to find out it was for nothing. Pence hit his political ceiling and his biggest accomplishment was flying to a football game to frown when players kneeled for the anthem and leaving before the game actually started to prove some sort of point.

Laugh at this homophobic creepy weirdo who calls his wife ‘mom‘. He tanked his career and hitched his wagon to the worst president in history and that will always be on his resume.

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