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Everyone Is Ignoring This One Massive Problem With Zion Williamson That’s Going To Ruin His NBA Career

Zion Williamson is quickly becoming the unanimous No.1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and for good reason. He’s averaging 20.4 points and 9 rebounds at Duke so far this season and he’s the most exciting player on a team filled with stars.

Everything he does on a basketball court makes your jaw drop.

No teenager should be that size and no one that size should be able to physically leap like Zion can. He is defying the law of man out there on the basketball court. Once he figures out how to shoot from behind the arc, it’s a WRAP for the NCAA.

But what everyone is missing one huge hole in Zion Williamson. One massive problem that is going to prevent him from having success in the NBA. No matter how many rims he destroys with his bare hands, there is ONE trap door in his game.

Zion Williamson plays for Duke.

He was the chosen one and he joined the evil empire. Right now Coach K is whispering in his ear about the fundamentals or whatever and Zion is going to get to the league and get absolutely embarrassed.

Real quick, name all of the guys that went to Duke that are superstars: Kyrie Irving? Cute, but he only played 11 games and was like ‘nah, I’m trying to actually succeed in the NBA. I’m out’.

Okay now name all of the BUMS in the NBA from Duke: Rodney Hood, Brandon Ingram, Jahlil Okafor, Justice Winslow, Jabari Parker and Austin Rivers’s bitch ass. The Plumlee brothers went to Duke. Dang.

Let’s all appreciate Zion Williamson’s dominance now because he’s peaking. It’s all downhill from here. Coach K just sucked another potential stars future directly out of them so he can pad his career wins.




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