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Everyone Enjoy Didi Gregorius As Much As You Can Now Because His Replacement Is On The Way


So Buster Olney is reporting that Cleveland is looking to move on from Francisco Lindor this offseason which is a WILD move that makes baseball kind of lame.

Small market teams have one losing season and instantly punt away their stars as opposed to paying them and building a team that can compete annually.

But I can complain about the state of Major League Baseball another time. Let’s focus on the key aspect of Buster’s report: “I think he’ll end up with the Yankees’.


To take a step back for a moment, there is an obvious problem with the Yankees acquiring Francisco Lindor and it’s the fact that uh, they kind of already have a starting shortstop and he’s the nicest man on planet Earth.

Enter Didi Gregorius, the only guy who could’ve stepped in an became the Yankees shortstop after 20 years of Derek Jeter.

Gregorius finished 20th in MVP voting the last two season which is low as hell but still, he was the 20th most important player in the American League back to back seasons.

Aaron Judge may be the national face of the Yankees but to the fans, Didi is the heart of this team. Didi is a rock defensively and in five season in the Bronx, he’s batting .275 with 82 homers and 301 RBIs.

That being said, *whispers* Francisco Lindor is better than Didi Gregorius.

The Yankees have made it very clear that they do not like that side of the infield as Miguel Andujar has been and will continue to be in trade talks until the end of the time.

The only reason Manny Machado isn’t on the Yankees right now is because the San Diego Fathers gave him a lifetime supply of cash and the Yankees weren’t willing to pay both Giancarlo Stanton and Machado until the end of time.

It’s also worth noting that this is the final year of Didi’s contract is he’s fresh off Tommy John surgery that might negatively affect his throwing arm for the remainder of his career. Reallyyyy bad timing for an injury that cut his 2019 contract year in half.

When Manny Machado was rumored to come here, it was clear that he’d be playing third base or worst case, Didi would move over like Alex Rodriguez moved over for Jeter.

The problem is, Gio Urshela manifested himself at third base and is objectively one of the best third basemen in the American League. He’s probably going to start the All-Star game. So he’s not going anywhere.

It’s very clear the Yankees are holding onto their prospect for some monster move. Two seasons have gone by with the Yankees entering the postseason with a weak starting rotation and two seasons they’ve made minor moves for guys like JA Happ and Lance Lynn and James Paxson, thus keeping their coveted farm system uh, on the farm for some season.

If they aren’t going to get a pitcher, and they are desperate to fix a left side of the infield that isn’t at all broken, Francisco Lindor seems [extremely Thanos voice] inevitable.

Say your last goodbyes to Didi Gregorius. Francisco Lindor is coming to snatch his job out of his cold dead hands.

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