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Even Eli Manning Wants The Giants To Draft a Quarterback

Eli Manning is a 38-year old man who used to be a quarterback for the New York Giants. He won two Super Bowls with some miraculous 4th quarterback comebacks against Tom Brady.

In 2019, Eli Manning is some old bum who has no idea where the ball is going when it leaves his hands. It’s gotten so bad that even Eli is looking around the room like ‘how am I still the QB1 here?!’

The Giants are hosting Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray this week which is great optics but if I know Dave Gettleman like I think I know Dave Gettleman, if both Haskins and Murray were on the board at No. 6, Gettleman will be on the phone with the best running back available.

There are also reports that the Giants are looking at Daniel Jones and Will Grier. It’s important to throw out that the Giants have the 6th pick and there are only two great quarterbacks in the draft so the decision here should be simple.

Daniel Jones and Will Grier aren’t good. They certainly aren’t better than Eli and Eli isn’t good. Someone is going to read this and argue. Listen. Daniel Jones and Will Grier aren’t good. There is no discussion here.

Would it shock anyone if the Giants didn’t draft a QB in the first round? Eli Manning knows he’s washed and he’s about to get murdered for 16 games on a 4 win team and end up being offered a 5-year $100 million extension for no reason.

Also real quick, shout out to Kyle Lauletta who was gifted the golden opportunity to take that starting job last season only to immediately throw an interception and look absolutely frightened in the pocket against Washington.

That might have been one of the worst quarterback performances in NFL history. Lauletta had 5 pass attempts. He completed 0 passes. And again, 1 interception.

Oh and shout out to Davis Webb wherever he is. For every late round success story like Russell Wilson and Tom Brady, there are a bajillion Kyle Lauletta’s and Davis Webb’s. Guess where Daniel Jones and Will Grier fall into that chart. Hint: they suck.

Thank you, Eli, for being the only one in the Giants organization who seems to want this team to draft a quarterback.

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