ESPN Is Hiring Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN just landed Adrian Wojnarowski, the Moby Dick of breaking news. I’ve never actually read Moby Dick but is it about LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach? Because if so I just nailed that reference.

Last week, ESPN cut some of its reporters and on-air personnel. But the sports programmer is also hiring: It has finalized a deal to hire Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo’s star NBA reporter.

Sources familiar with ESPN’s plan say Wojnarowski will begin working for ESPN after the June 22 NBA draft. (Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Wojnarowski and some of this team would begin working for ESPN in time to cover the draft). I’m told the network also intends to bring aboard some of the staff of The Vertical, the NBA site Wojnarowski launched for Yahoo 2016.



BIG, if true. ESPN is treading water and they’re hemorrhaging money left and right. After kicking most of their NBA writers off of their sinking ship, it seems like maybe they weren’t desperately booting talent they couldn’t afford but they’ve been making room for the biggest Woj Bomb to date.

If ESPN gets Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Shefter both on the payroll then every ‘breaking news’ reporter should just go ahead and find a new field of work. Someone go check on Ric Bucher’s corpse. Where is Marc Stein hanging right now?

Orrr this won’t affect anything and ESPN will continue to not understand why they suck and will be dead by lunchtime Friday. Either/or.




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