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ESPN Is Bringing SportsCenter To Snapchat Because That’s What The Kids Like, Right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Snapchat its getting its first daily sports show, courtesy of “SportsCenter.”

“SportsCenter” on Snapchat will be an original three- to five-minute version of ESPN’s flagship program, the companies said on Monday. The debut episode, which posts at 5 p.m. Monday, will be hosted by Katie Nolan. Other future hosts will include Elle Duncan, Cassidy Hubbarth, Jason Fitz and Cy Amundson. New episodes will debut twice a day on weekdays at 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., and 5 a.m. on weekends.

“There’s a huge opportunity to reimagine “SportsCenter” for this new medium — and we’re thrilled about the team and talent ESPN has assembled to do it,” Snap head of original content Sean Mills said in a release.


There’s only one problem: ESPN doesn’t have the rights to show highlights from the NFL inside of Snapchat. Which is a bit of an issue, considering that it’s arguably the most popular sport in America, and we’re in the middle of the NFL season.

“Due to content restrictions, we are not allowed to play NFL highlights on Snapchat,” the show’s host, Cy Amundson, said during Tuesday morning’s show. ESPN can show NFL rights on television, but it doesn’t have the necessary digital rights to show them inside Snapchat.



Wow, ESPN is SO hip to the jive. Snapchat ‘discovery’ came out in January of 2015 and it looks like ESPN is right on time with their branding by jumping into the mix late 2017. I can’t wait to watch their show until I get a ‘20% of battery remaining’ within the first 49 seconds and burn through all of my data plan.

They don’t even have NFL rights? Cool, so I’m just watching college basketball highlights? Another huge W for ESPN here. Also can’t help but think this is their way to shed a bunch of costs for an actual set and anchors and Sportscenter will exclusively exist in 30-second bursts. Those cheap motherfuckers.

But if anyone can do the most with the least, it’s Katie Nolan, whose entire run at Fox Sports consisted of her being given what seemed like a $10 budget and performing miracles. I’m personally not a fan but I’m also full of jealousy and angst so it’s to be expected.

ESPN is just toooo cool 4 school these days.



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