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Ereck Flowers is Dead, Chad Wheeler Killed Him

The New York Giants finally earned their first win of the season against the Houston Texans all thanks to the biggest coaching move of the 2018 NFL season. Pat Shurmur was sneaky brewing up a big change in practice during the week and unleashed his secret weapon on Sunday afternoon.

The death of Ereck Flowers.

Ereck Flowers was objectively the worst left tackle in the NFL last season and was a major reason for the team falling to 3-13. That sounds like an exaggeration. There are 53 players on a roster. It sounds extreme to blame a losing season on just one player.

But the left tackle is arguably the most important player on a football team. If a team can’t protect a quarterback’s blindside, then your quarterback is either constantly under pressure from behind where he can’t even see it or he knows his left tackle sucks so he’s constantly looking behind him instead of down the field at his receivers.

So they signed New England Patriots great, Nate Solder, to step in and solidify the left side of the line but instead of cutting Ereck Flowers or making him a backup, the Giants moved him to the right side.

Here’s the massive problem with moving Flowers to the right side: most of the best pass rushers in the NFL come off the right side. Aaron Donald, JJ Watt and Khalil Mack rush off the right side of the line. Eli Manning would be dead if Pat Shurmur didn’t reach into his bag and pull out his Blue Eyes White Dragon card[1. very rare for a reference to be both incredibly washed and incredibly nerdy but welcome to Deadseriousness where it’s still 2005.].

Enter Chad Wheeler.

Wheeler is an undrafted second-year offensive tackle out of USC who has been waiting behind the curtain for his big reveal like he was about to challenge Triple H for the belt. Shurmur dropped Chad Wheeler on the Texans head and after giving up 6 sacks to the Dallas Cowboys, the Giants were able to cut that number in half and only allow 3 sacks to one of the best pass rushing teams in the league.

Did you see that 15-yard touchdown by Saquon Barkley? You can thank Chad Wheeler for pinning off Houston defensive end, Christian Covington, so Barkley could break that run.

Chad Wheeler is saving the New York Giants season. Thank you for your service. Get the fuck out of here, Flowers.




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