Enough of This Nonsense, Here is the Solution To The Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliot/Amari Cooper Contract Situation

Every damn day everyone on ESPN argues about what the Dallas Cowboys should do about their three star position players as Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper enter the final year of their contracts while Ezekiel Elliot demands a new deal two years early and is holding out until he gets one.

This is the most annoying and pointless conversation in recent sports history that needs to end immediately or this entire football season will be unbearable.

Dallas made a wild financial decision to trade for Amari Cooper last season knowing damn well that both he and Dak would need to be paid at the same time. Did they really think Ezekiel Elliot would just sit by and let those two eat up the entire salary cap before they turn around and try to sign him on a discount? Of course Elliot is holding out two years early.

It was reported that the Cowboys offered Dak Prescott $30 million which would make him the 5th highest paid quarterback and tied with Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan has an MVP award and led his team to a Super Bowl. Dak Prescott has approximately zero MVP awards and zero Super Bowl appearances.

Prescott finished 15th last season in yards and 16th in touchdowns. Dak is right in the middle of the pack and wants to be the highest paid QB in the NFL. Interesting.

You cannot dedicate a bulk of your salary cap to a slightly above average quarterback. The Baltimore Ravens gave Joe Flacco the bag and could not afford to put a good enough team around the guy who wasn’t good enough to make the cheap players around him better.

Dak Prescott does not make anyone better. If anything, Amari Cooper is the one that made Dak look like he belongs in the NFL.

We should also talk about the idea of paying a wide receiver and how terrible of an idea it is. Teams have been passing around Sammy Watkins’s bad contract for years.

It makes no sense to throw the biggest bag to Dak and then also pay Amari Cooper because by paying Dak, you’re implying that he’s great enough to not need Cooper.

You also have an entire defense full of studs that want money. Not a great look when you go out of your way to pay a receiver that’s been on the team for half a season while you neglect all the players you drafted.

There is a very simple solution: pay Ezekiel Elliot.

Ezekiel Elliot, along with their stacked defense, is the reason the Dallas Cowboys win games. I know it’s not cool to pay running backs considering Todd Gurley and David Johnson got paid and they fell off a cliff but Ezekiel Elliot doesn’t have arthritis and the Cardinals didn’t have a real coaching staff/roster last season.

Elliot shields all of Dak’s flaws. Dak is a borderline replacement player. You could throw Blake Bortles in there and the Cowboys would be just as successful. Shit, we just saw that happen two years ago when Bortles rode Leonard Fournette and that defense to the AFC Championship and were a play away from making the Super Bowl.

Fuck Dak. Let him walk. The most important part of the Dallas Cowboys is that linebacking core. Leighton Vander Esch, Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith are the stars of this team. Ezekiel Elliot is the best player on the team.

You could probably pick up Derek Carr next summer and far cheaper. Try Josh Rosen out. Ryan Tannehill and/or Marcus Mariota will be available. It’s INSANE to give Dak $40 million.

Pay Ezekiel Elliot, you idiots.

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