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Enes Kanter Is Ready To Fight ANYONE and I Love It

My man Enes Kanter is down to throw hands and he is officially a top 10 New York Knick of all time. Joakim Noah was supposed to come to New York and be the enforcer and push LeBron James around like he did back in Chicago. But nope, instead he’s Scrooge McDucking into a pile of cash and HGH.

This is exactly what you want from your center who probably shouldn’t even be on the roster because he makes too much money and he plays the position that Kristaps Porzingis should be playing. I need him throwing forearms and headbutts.

The Knicks have wayyy too many centers on this roster so they can afford to lose Kanter for a quick 10-game suspension just in case he wants to chokeslam Kevin Durant into celebrity row. I will honestly be shocked if the entire season goes by without Kanter powerbombing some fool during a timeout.





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