Enes Kanter is a Messy Bitch Who Lives For Drama

Why is Enes Kanter doing a press run? Could’ve sworn we all watched the Golden State Warriors run his ass off the floor in 4 games. He wasn’t good enough to start on a Knicks team full of guys who aren’t good enough to start for the Knicks.

People are so desperate to have unique and ‘hot’ takes that they’ll say anything for a tiny teaspoon of clout. Enes Kanter is a basic bitch posting a bikini pic next to the pool in the hotel that’s 10 minutes away from her apartment.

First of all, Julius Randle is a very good player and quickly creeping into the conversation as one of the most productive power forwards in the entire NBA.

If he were on the Blazers, Randle would’ve been on the floor defending the Steph Curry pick n roll while Enes was on the bench refreshing a Twitter poll he posted asking which city has the best ice cream in Oregon or some shit.

So in Kanter’s attempt to go against the grain and say something negative about Zion, what he actually did was go out of his way to paint Julius Randle as this average replacement level role player.

There is no player in the league like Zion Williamson. The closest comparison is Blake Griffin but he’s far larger than Griffin and Griffin has never leaped into the sky to block shots the way Zion can. He’s Griffin offensively and Giannis defensively which is uh, not Julius Randle.

And the worst part of that clip is Colin Cowherd’s no-lipped face asking Enes how he’d defend Zion.

Ah yes, let’s ask the man who was infamously titled ‘Can’t Play Kanter’ by his head coach in OKC because he is one of the worst defenders ever, how he’d stop mini-Shaquille O’Neal.

Get Enes Kanter OUUUUUUUT of here.

sidenote: This has nothing to do with the reports that the Knicks might sign Julius Randle but if those reports happen to be true and Julius Randle happens to be reading this then yea, fuck Enes Kanter, man. Also, take a pay cut plz. Gotta save money for Mario Hezonja.


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