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Emmanuel Mudiay Asked Dwyane Wade For a Jersey Swap…You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!!!!!

Earlier this week I wrote an article breaking down which Knicks deserve to stay on the roster next season and which players should be hurled into the sun.

I had thoughts about Mudiay. People argued with me because that’s what occurs on the Internet. Arguing and porn. What a time to be alive.

After watching this clip, the Knicks are legally not allowed to keep Mudiay in the building. I’m embarrassed as a Knicks fan and I’m embarrassed as a human being to watch Emmanuel Mudiay ask future Hall of Famer, Dwyane Wade, for a jersey swap.

dwyade wade kevin huerter

Look who this motherfucker is swapping jerseys with. Kevin Huerter. If you’re not better than Kevin Huerter, stay out of Wade’s face.

Mudiay didn’t just ask for the jersey but he grabbed and held onto it like it was his. On what planet does he believe he deserves any sort of recognition. The Knicks are one of the worst teams in NBA history and he’s half the reasons why. This is your tape, Emmanuel.

Don’t be shocked if Mudiay retires before Wade does after getting dunked on AFTER a game. I never want to see him play in Madison Square Garden again. Trade him to Dallas. He can learn from Kristaps how to ignore the word ‘no’.

sidenote: you like that Buzzfeed ass headline? Give me those clicks, you cowards.

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