Ellen White is the New Queen of England

And just like that, Ellen White scores her 6th career World Cup breaking England’s record for most career women’s World Cup scores. History was made right before our eyes.

Not only did she break Kelly Smith’s World Cup record but Ellen White now ties USA’s Alex Morgan with 5 goals in this year’s tournament and put herself in the driver’s seat to win the Golden Boot.

England would win 3-0 over Norway and go on to advance to the semifinals to face the winner of France vs. America.

But let’s get back to Ellen White, the woman who was such a beast at 10 years old playing for Aylesbury Town in the Chiltern Youth League with the boys team that the league deemed her ‘ineligible’ which was absolute bullshit.

Oh, she scored 109 goals by the way.

Kicking her out of the boys league was a complete lack of interest in the development of women’s soccer which is a common theme of this year’s World Cup. Only recently has Europe invested financial resources into the women’s league but the lack of progress has kept the 2019 Ballon d’Or winner, Ada Hegerberg, sit out the World Cup in protest.

Fast forward 20 years and she’s one of the most gifted finishers in the game today.

Her go-to eye goggles celebration after every goal is a tribute to her favorite Bundesliga soccer player, Anthony Modeste.

I love this shit. One of the best soccer players on the planet and she’s still just a fan like everyone else watching German soccer and geeking out over Modeste.

Everyone should stop what they’re doing and pat tribute to one of the best in the world on the biggest stage. Whether it’s against France of the United States, Ellen White is going to do something that makes you jump out of your seat.

Even when she misses, it’s spectacular.

All hail Ellen White, Queen of England.


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