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Eli Manning Should Never Play For The New York Giants Again

Does the New York Giants ownership think the fans are fools? It was heavily reported that John Mara himself, wanted Eli Manning to be benched so Geno Smith could suck. Now Mara is throwing Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese under the bus for a decision that HE made.

So John Mara wants Eli Manning back as the starting quarterback and is pointing the finger at McAdoo and Reese for the whole embarrassment of Eli. BOOO.

Eli’s career in New York is over. You can’t get benched for Geno Smith while you have the second-longest consecutive games played in NFL history and then come back the next week like it never even happened. How does Eli even have a self-esteem anymore?

I will say this, with the awful offensive line, Geno Smith’s ability to move in the pocket and step up through pressure is needed behind center for the Giants. When Eli is pressured he can only drop to the ground. The problem is that when Geno throws the ball on the move, there is a zero percent chance the ball is touching a wide receiver’s hands. Zero.

Eli Manning should reunite with Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville. Geno Smith should bag groceries at the local Stop N Shop. Davis Webb would be great as a backup in the Canadian Football League. The next Super Bowl-winning quarterback is not on the roster right now and BOOOO John Mara for thinking that we’re idiots.



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