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Eli Manning Just Won Another Super Bowl Over Tom Brady

Sooo, this is the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time. I’ve watched this video no less than 934,234,204 times. Now that this commercial exists, nothing else matters. Life has been completed. THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK.

If you thought Kim Kardashian broke the internet with that wack photo of her pouring champagne over her photoshopped lower body on the cover of that magazine that no one had heard of then this Dirty Dancing commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham deleted the internet forever. I’m currently writing this article in sand on the back of the Snowpiercer train.

Win, lose or draw, no matter what the final result was for the New England Patriots, Eli Manning took home the victory over Tom Brady AGAIN. While Brady was dropping wide open catches, Eli was dancing his heart out with his best friend, Odell.

Damn, Brady can’t catch a break. Every single time he comes off of one of his best statistical seasons, Eli Manning is there waiting at the finish line to dunk on him.

Eli: 3, Tom: 0.

I was uncertain what the future would hold for the New York Giants. Following a 3-13 season, there were thousands of question marks for this team.

Will Odell Beckham come back from his injury and be able to make the same impact as he has in years prior? Will the Giants pay Beckham the money he deserves? Will Eli Manning rebound from one of his worst seasons ever?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

This commercial answered all questions. Don’t be shocked if the 2018 New York Giants completely flip their record to 13-3 and the 3 losses come in games where Eli and Odell don’t play because they’re too busy at a dancing competition like Silver Linings Playbook.

Can’t wait to see these two tangoing in the end zone next year. #PrayForTheNFL




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