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Eli Manning Getting Sacked During NBC’s Introduction of the Offensive Line Perfectly Sums Up the 2017 New York Giants

The 2017 NFL Season has just started and I’m already fully prepared to hit the eject button on the New York Giants. After losing 19-3 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, my heart can’t take the pain that is about to arrive for the next 16 weeks.

I quickly want to point out that the Giants struggles aren’t 100% on the backs of the offensive line. I think Ben McAdoo was hired because of his play calling ability in Green Bay but once he got to New Jersey, he decided to have the most predictable offense in the NFL.

The offense is forever in a 3 wide receiver, 1 tight end set with 1 back next to Eli giving him zero protection. If you know your offensive line is the hole on your team, maybe don’t draft the worst blocking tight end available.

Having said that, this New York Giants offensive line stiiiiinks. They play as if they are afraid of defensive lineman which isn’t great because it’s their one job not to be. Eli Manning is going to die this year because Bobby Hart doesn’t have any.





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