Edison Volquez is Pitching in the World Series Just Hours After Learning That His Father Passed Away. Royals Can’t/Won’t Lose.

There are multiple reports that claim that Edison Volquez’s father passed away today and he has yet to be informed. If that’s true then that’s just how you run a baseball organization. You’re in the World Series. You need 1000% of your focus on winning the chip. Mourn after that final out.

I think that report is bullshit. It’s 2015. Volquez’s phone was probably blowing up after his father died. I can’t imagine a world where his employers get that information before he does. Let’s stop believing dumb internet nonsense and take a second to realize how ridiculous it is. There’s probably a drunk Mets fan screaming at the Royals dugout about it.

Finally in this rant about something that I’m pretending to care about, get the FUCK out of here if you think Volquez shouldn’t be pitching right now. He’s played over 162 games to get to the World Series. Worked his ass off in the offseason. His father was probably his biggest fan and supporter. You are a FOOL and a LOSER if you think Edison Volquez shouldn’t be playing right now.


Oh, and it would be super awkward if the Royals lost sooo they should probably avoid that.


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