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Ed Werder, A Man in a 90% Male Dominated Sports Writing Industry, Thinks Men Aren’t Getting Enough Sports Writing Opportunities

What Happened?

Ed Werder is a hero. FINALLY, there is a man in the male-dominated industry of sports writing willing to step up and protect men from losing writing opportunities over women who are completely squeezed out of the sports world unless their attractive hosts or sideline reporters.

Thank you Ed.


Is Ed Werder Serious?…

Last year, Ed Werder was fired along with about 100 other ESPN staffers in their big layoffs. He didn’t take it well. Both he and Brit McHenry have taken their ESPN firings to weird extremes where Brit McHenry claims she was fired because she was a white conservative and apparently Ed thinks men aren’t allowed in sports.

First of all, imagine being a woman in a broadcasting class and having Ed Werder look you in the eyes and tell you ‘MEN DESERVE JUST AS MUCH OF A CHANCE AS YOU BROADS’. People in a position of power will find any chance to pretend as if they are victims in a situation they completely control.

Here’s what Ed and other me that think like Ed are missing with their ‘we should all be equal’ garbage: if a majority of editors of men then what do you think happens when a women DMs them asking about a job opening?

First that guy is going to immediately look at that woman’s photos and decide if she’s attractive. Obviously, this isn’t all men but statistically, it’s a lot more common than not. You know how you avoid having women’s writing talent be judged by the symmetry of their faces? Hire more women who will then be in charge of hiring women.

Get Ed Werder alllllll the way out of here.



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