Earl Thomas Should Be Allowed To Beat Pete Carroll’s Ass

Earl Thomas had the most fascinating and hilarious holdout this summer. He demanded a trade from Seattle but ultimately his goal was to receive a new contract. Thomas and the Seahawks had zero communication as he missed all of training camp before awkwardly returning before Week 1 as to avoid any further fines.

Earl Thomas said ‘trade me’ and Seattle was like ‘nah’ and then he was like ‘fine, then pay me more’ and Seattle was like ‘new phone, who dis?’. I wasn’t rooting against Earl Thomas but him attempting to get more money without having any sort of leverage gave me jokes for days.

Then Thomas dominated Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3 with a pair of interceptions. After the game, he revealed that he won’t be practicing this year basically to avoid any more wear and tear on his body.

After trying to preserve his body so he can get the best possible deal next offseason, Earl Thomas broke his leg against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. It was literally the worst case scenario and the exact injury that Thomas was demanding the financial security for.

That middle finger was for Pete Carroll, right? Here’s what Carroll said about the middle finger:

“I don’t know. Somebody said something about that. I don’t know anything about that. It’s a big stadium. I don’t know where it was aimed at,” 

Oh, Earl Thomas should for sure be able to beat Pete Carroll’s ass after that.

Throughout this entire holdout, Pete never came out and stood by his player. He pretended like Thomas never even existed. Thomas said he wasn’t practicing and Pete Carroll was like ‘dope, more reps for your replacement seeee yaaaa’.

The camera only caught Earl Thomas from one angle so we don’t know who the finger was pointed at but it’s safe to say that he was making direct eye contact with his head coach and then his head coach said “it’s a big stadium I don’t know”.

Let Earl Thomas smack the shit out of Pete Carroll at least once. He’s earned it.




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