Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Some Rap Songs’ Is The Most Important Rap Album of the Year

I love rap but I recognize many of the formal complaints that have been made in the past few years about the lack of originality and lyrical depth and blah blah. Personally, I think what Playboi Carti does is just as artful as Eminem standing in an empty room rapping about Trump or whatever.

Earl’s last album ‘I Don’t Like, I Don’t Go Outside’ started the sound and aesthetic that ‘Some Rap Songs’ bathes you in. The beats sound like they’re in a strange time signature. The samples sound looped backward and Earl’s monotone but confident voice is the ultimate mood of 2018. It’s like if MF DOOM and Madlib were one singular person and stopped taking their antidepressants.

Some Rap Songs is 15 tracks long and it’s only 24 minutes. We waited 3 years for some Earl bars and he was like ‘here, take this shit’ with no dead space. No wasted sounds. Ella Mai doesn’t have a hook for no reason. Straight BARS.

Stuck in Trump Land, watching subtlety decayin’
I ain’t touch a xan, when it-
When it’s time to put my burnt body in a case
Tell my momma I said thank you

Throughout the album, Earl addresses the loss of his father earlier this year while thanking his mother for her sacrifices and on the track Veins, Earl reflects on his upbringing as well as his relationship with being a star which he has made clear in the past that he does not enjoy people at all.

Earl makes the perfect music for rainy cloudy days but also for sunny days that you wish were rainy cloudy days. I love listening to Migos rap about whipping it in the kitchen, how big their watches are, and that they are fucking my girl. But sometimes, I just need to throw on some Earl Sweatshirt to get into that ‘I hope a plane engine falls out of the sky and kills me like in Donnie Darko’ headspace.

Be right back, going to go listen to Some Rap Songs for the 5,329,035th time in a row.




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