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Dwight Howard Dabbed Jeremy Lin Out of Existence

Before I go any further, quick congratulations to Jeremy Lin for still being in the NBA. No one could have predicted this type of longevity. I mean, if he were to still be in the league this long then yea, of course he’s sitting on the bench.

Now, I don’t want to sit here and pretend like I think Dwight Howard is cool. I believe I wrote an article last month calling him a bitch and I’m pretty sure I write a similarly themed article every month about that gigantic loser but he definitely won a point with me for dabbing in Jeremy Lin’s face.

In the wrong hands, dabbing is the lamest thing ever. Dwight Howard is the perfect example of the wrong hands. However, Howard happened to find the one person in the NBA that I think is lamer than him and there’s nothing I love more than a nerd turning around and stuffing another nerd in a locker completely unprovoked.

It’s a nerd eat nerd world out there. Every geek for themselves. Jeremy Lin is dead, Dwight Howard killed him.




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