Dwayne Haskins Was Benched Because He’s Black

We are currently in the height of the black quarterback era. Not only did 10 black quarterbacks start Week 1 this season but the best QBs in the NFL, outside of Aaron Rodgers, are all black. Patrick Mahomes. Lamar Jackson. Deshaun Watson. Dak Prescott. Russell Wilson. Josh Allen.

What a time to be alive.

We’re coming up on Week 5 and two of those 10 black QBs have been sidelined. Tyrod Taylor was the victim of attempted murder by the Chargers team doctor who punctured Tyrod’s lung when administering a painkiller for his bruised ribs. (Seems like a decent time to point out the astronomical mortality rate of black women in childbirth compared to white mothers ok back to shitting on the NFL)

And now it is being reported that the Washington Football Team is benching Dwayne Haskins after an awful 1-3 start to the season.

Before I go any further, it’s crucial that I make it extremely clear that Dwayne Haskins suuuucks and should not be starting any NFL games unless 32 other guys get injured. He’s thrown for 939 yards with 4 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and a 61% completion percentage. He looks incredibly mediocre behind center and every time he drops back to pass, I assume it’s going to be incomplete.

But he’s only started 11 games in his career and Washington is already pulling the plug on him for Kyle Allen, a man who you would not recognize on the street if he was wearing a Kyle Allen jersey.

Haskin’s 61% completion percentage is 27th in the league. Not good. It’s also the same as Daniel Jones and its’ better than Carson Wentz (60.6), Matty Stafford (60.6) and Sam Darnold (59.4). None of those (white) guys are even close to losing their jobs and being benched just 4 games into the season but Haskins is. Ok.

Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones and Tom Brady have thrown more interceptions. No narratives about these guys being benched.

For a first round draft pick in his first full season as a starter, there is no explanation for his benching outside of the fact that he’s black.

Now, people are going to say that he’s a new front office and new coach and they didn’t draft Haskins so they have no loyalty to him. Reminder, his backup is Kyle Allen. If you believe Kyle is going to step in and save your season then he would’ve just been starting Day One.

Sam Darnold stinks. Adam Gase and GM Joe Douglas did not draft him. And they are still loyal and believe he can improve. Soooo yea, this Haskins thing has nothing to do with a change of front office. It’s because he’s a brown person.

Mitch Trubisky has sucked forever and he’s been given the longest leash to continue sucking. Daniel Jones is a turnover machine who is about to lead the Giants to the No. 1 pick and there is no doubt in my mind that they will not draft a QB to replace him because they believe in his bum ass.

For years, black quarterbacks have had their intelligence questioned. There is a belief that they rely on their physical talents and aren’t smart enough to play the position. It’s the reason why no one wanted to sign Cam Newton. They thought his body had broken down therefore he was obsolete.

And if you don’t believe black quarterbacks are mentally capable then it’s easy to assume that they are incapable of developing and improving.

Again, Haskins is a bad quarterback and for sure belongs on the bench. But that’s not how any other white quarterback is treated so quickly in their careers. Carson Wentz is objectively the worst quarterback in the NFL this year. He will be starting all 16 games while Dwayne Haskins moves to third on the depth chart behind Alex Smith, the most one-legged man of all time.







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