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Guy Gets Arrested At Atlanta Braves Game Because Major League Baseball Doesn’t Know How To Party

Dustin Wilkes was arrested at SunTrust Park in Georgia last Wednesday after allegedly trying to bring cocaine into the stadium inside a cowboy-style boot for an MLB game between the Atlanta Braves and New York Mets.

Rosie Manins of the Marietta Daily Journal reported Thursday that Wilkes set off the metal detector while attempting to enter SunTrust Park. A subsequent search reportedly led stadium security staff to discover a “clear plastic baggie with a white powder substance suspected to be cocaine” which Wilkes twice attempted to conceal during the search. (BR)

Look, Major League Baseball games are long as hell. Sometimes you need a quick little pick-me-up to get through the 4-hour marath0n that is a 9 inning baseball game.

My man Dustin Wilkes was just trying to have a good time and support his favorite sports team and all of a sudden he ended up in handcuffs. It’s an evil world we live in.

You gotta get up to get down. Free Dustin Wilkes. Do you know how many people sneak in those little shooter bottles of alcohol into ballparks and no one bats an eye but suddenly the homie is in the bleachers cutting up lines with a Visa card and the National Guard marches in to ruin everyone’s good time.

SunTrust Park needs to make it more clear that there’s no fun allowed. The Atlanta Braves are lame as hell for this. This is why the Mets are about to steal the NL East from them. You’re not allowed in Citifield without a vile of coke around your neck.

I thought this season was all about ‘let the kids play’. One would assume that extended to the bleachers. Let the kids coke. This is why MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, will never grow the game to a bigger audience.

Free Dustin Wilkes.

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