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The Opening Title Sequence For the DuckTales Reboot is Fire Emoji

DuckTales is easily one of the best cartoon series’ of all time and we should all be grateful that it is returning to Disney XD.[1. A channel that I’m not even sure if I have…] If we were forced to sit through Fuller House and a new Odd Couple for no reason, we deserved a little DuckTales.

DUCKTALES A-WOO WOO. Throw that on the list of the greatest cartoon theme songs ever. I used to sing that song to myself every single day for like, a decade. I’m not excited for that to happen again but I am excited to see my boy Scrooge McDuck jump into gold every week.

Once this show airs, I will be watching every single day while playing Pokemon Go and feeding my tamagotchi and fill in the blank other 90’s childhood nonsense. Wearing a John Starks jersey and learning my times tables. I think you get the point. I’m hyped.

After watching Breaking Bad and The Leftovers, I need a feel good story about animated ducks and their jerk uncle and shit.



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