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Dr. Luke Is Now Trying to Rape Kesha Out of $1.3 Million

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s reporting on court documents, Luke is suing the singer for $1.3 million in ancillary royalties. Kesha’s contract is apparently set up in such a way to give Luke ten percent for any money earned from the use of her name and likeness. She hasn’t released new music, but even her live appearances and new merch — often buoyed by the underlying “Free Kesha” rallying cry — fall under this contract, so Luke claims he’s legally entitled to a cut from these profits.



Soo I’ve already written about the weird ass Dr. Luke and Kesha sexual harrassment drama. Long story short, Kesha basically ended her career to press charges against Dr. Luke for taking advantage of her for years which was a complete breach of her Sony contract soo yea, her life sucks right now.

Well, her life just got worse because now Dr. Luke wants his 10% for all of her #FreeKesha merch which many might describe as ‘ironic’ but I will choose to describe it as ‘evil’. I guess the craziest thing about this story is that Kesha made $1.3 million from live shows and merch. Jesus. I need to take this Deadseriousness nonsense on the road.

No one really knows what happened between Kesha and Dr. Luke but it’s safe to say that some shady shit went down and the music industry is an awful place.




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