Don’t Listen To Drake’s New Album ‘Scorpion’ Until He Acknowledges Pusha T Or You Know, His Son

At least once a day I say out loud to myself ‘You. Are. Hide. Ing. A. Child’ for no reason at all so I can only imagine how much that must be ringing in Drake’s ears these days which makes it shocking that he has refused to even acknowledge either Push or, ya know, his OWN SON.

Scorpion comes out this Friday or next Friday or whenever, I don’t know the details because Pusha T destroyed him and he didn’t respond. I am going to keep repeating that until, well, until Drake explains what is good between he and that porn star he banged without a condom.

There was a story that famous Houston producer J Prince told Drake specifically not to release his Pusha T response because he didn’t want things to escalate and because J Prince is a pretty serious and borderline terrifying man, we all kind of just ate that bullshit up.

But then J Prince added that he heard Drake’s response and it was so brutal that it would’ve ended Kanye’s career. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

The biggest Drake diss was when Meek Mill said he doesn’t write his own lyrics. Drake freaked out and dunked on Meek. We all remember. I was two-stepping at the club listening to Back 2 Back just like Meek was.

Then Pusha on his latest album pretty much ran that same narrative back and Drake flipped out again and said that he writes for Kanye. We all know that didn’t work out for Drake this time.

The only diss Drake has in his back pocket is that he writes for Kanye or maybe hooked up with his wife before he did. Cool bro. I can say with complete confidence that most men with over 1 million Instagram followers has had Kim on their face.

But nope, instead of responding to Pusha T, he released this wack ass music video for ‘I’m Upset’, a song that stinks.


That video needed to be 4 minutes of Drake changing his son’s diapers or throwing darts at Pusha’s photograph. Not a Degrassi reunion to distract us. I’m not thinking about Cassie Steele right now and you can’t make me.

I will not be going anywhere near Scorpion until Drake says his son’s name. BOOOO this man. (Check out my Scorpion review on Deadseriousness this Monday).




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