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Don’t Let XXXTentacion’s Tragic Death Distract You From The Fact That He Was a Garbage Human

What Happened?

Rapper XXXTentacion has been shot dead.

The Broward County, Florida Sherriff’s Office confirmed the 20-year-old’s death on Monday evening, tweeting: “The adult male that was taken to the hospital has been pronounced dead … The adult male victim has been confirmed as 20 year old Jahseh Onfroy aka rapper #XXXTentacion.”

The rapper was shot outside a motorcycle store in Deerfield Beach, Fla., just before 4.p.m. on Monday. He was transported to a local hospital.

He had been leaving a motorcycle dealership in a car when someone ran up and shot him, according to TMZ. The website also reports that a Louis Vuitton bag was stolen from the vehicle.

(NY Post)

Before I shit all over XXXTentacion, I should make it clear that no one should be shot and killed. If you’ve read Deadseriousness in the past then you know I have a pretty firm ‘no one should have guns‘ view.

I should also say that a 20-year old has a lot of room to grow. I don’t remember what my life was like at 20 but I bet there were a lot of people around me who would have preferred that I change everything about myself.

That’s the nicest thing I’ll say about this guy but for some reason after his passing, suddenly everyone and their mothers came out of the woodwork to say how much this guy will be missed and what a beautiful soul he was.


My man was on house arrest because he beat the shit out of his pregnant girlfriend. He then went on Instagram and calmly addressed these charges by saying “Everybody that called me a domestic abuser, I’m going to domestically abuse y’all little sisters’ pussy from the back.”

What a great guy.

Now, I suffer from depression. I’m not shy about that. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed 8 days a week. I totally understand someone feeling hopeless really relating to the dark music of XXXTentancion.

Having said that, there definitely needs to be a boundary between the music we like and how we feel about the people who make the music we like.

We also need to make it very clear that your trauma or depression does not give you full range to be a garbage human and dig that trauma into someone else. There is no planet where I give a guy like XXXTentacion any sort of benefit of the doubt once you beat a pregnant woman and show zero remorse for your actions.

X’s fans literally went as far as to harass the woman that he beat by screaming at her in public and calling her personal phone demanding she dropped the charges. Just real quick: You can’t hit women. I’m going to repeat that in case there are X fans reading this after leaving an angry voicemail on that girl’s phone. You can’t women.

So yes, his death was tragic and I’m certainly not celebrating his passing. He without a doubt needed to work on his mental health issues. But let’s not pretend that he was this amazing angel who gave and gave and gave and was a saint.

Homeboy was garbage. RIP.




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