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Don’t Let This Luke Walton Sexual Assault Story Get Swept Under The Rug

Kelli Tennant, a Los Angeles sports reporter, has filed a lawsuit against Sacramento Kings head coach, Luke Walton, for an alleged sexual assault that took place in 2014 prior to Luke starting his head coaching career with the Lakers.

Here is KelliTennant’s recap of the night:

I parked my car across the street and as I walked into the hotel with him I anticipated us walking into the lobby, where we would hang out and catch up. And he started to walk towards the elevators, and I asked him where we were going. He said up to his room. And I asked him why we were going up to his room, and he said because the players on his team were in the lobby and he could not be around them, he didn’t want to be seen in the lobby with the players. So I was hesitant, and he said “don’t worry about it, it’s me.” And as someone that I trusted for a long time, I realized I shouldn’t overthink it, and followed his lead. I walked up to the hotel with him and continued to tell myself not to overthink it and that I could trust him.

Out of nowhere he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed, and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest. And as I kept asking him to please stop and to get off, he laughed at me. I continued to ask him to stop over and over again, without any use of my arms, because he continued to hold me down. I could feel him rubbing his erection on me, and he continued to laugh at all of my pleas to get off and to stop. I thought he was going to rape me.

I’m not about to sit here and write 700 words about why sexual assault is bad. I don’t have a ‘take’ here. That’s not the purpose of this article.

This is the busiest week in sports and pop culture history. It’s the NBA playoffs. The NFL Draft. Avengers Endgame comes out. The biggest episode in Game of Thrones history premieres on Sunday. Taylor Swift has hinted at potentially dropping an album.

Do not let any of that make you forget that earlier this week, Kelli Tennant said she thought Luke Walton was going to rape her and he was laughing while he was assaulting her.

That is all.

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