Don’t Let The Media ‘But Her Emails!’ You Out Of Voting For Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially launched her 2020 presidential campaign Saturday at a rally in Lawrence, Massachusetts, using the backdrop of Everett Mills — the site of a historic 1912 labor strike led by women and immigrants — to issue a call to action against wealthy power brokers who “have been waging class warfare against hardworking people for decades.”

Over 44 minutes in sub-freezing temperatures, Warren described a political elite “bought off” and “bullied” by corporate giants, and a middle class squeezed so tight it “can barely breathe.”

“The man in the White House is not the cause of what is broken, he is just the latest and most extreme symptom of what’s gone wrong in America,” Warren said of President Donald Trump. “A product of a rigged system that props up the rich and powerful and kicks dirt on everyone else. So once he’s gone, we can’t pretend that none of this ever happened.” (CNN)

Elizabeth Warren is OFFICIALLY running for president babyyyy, lets goooo.

Personally, I think she’s about 5-10 years too late to be president but if I’ve learned anything from people’s reactions to everything the Florida school shooting survivors say or the reaction anytime Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inhales to breathe, apparaently only elderly people are allowed to have political opinions so perhaps Warren is right on time here.

Elizabeth Warren’s big presidential plans include increasing taxes on wealthier families. She is proposing a 2% annual tax on households making over $50 million and a 3% annual tax on billionaires which would potentially create $2.75 TRILLION in tax revenue over the next decade.

Here’s the problem with increasing taxes on the wealthy, the wealthy don’t like that which means now it’s time to find one problem with Elizabeth Warren and act as if it is the equavilant of treason to trick dumb voters into believing she is evil.

No matter what points Hilary Clinton made in her 2016 presidential run, the rebuttal was almost always ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT HER EMAILS’. She was responsible for an attack on Benghazi while she was Obama’s Secretary of State and deleted some emails but after investigation after investigation, the FBI found absolutely no wrong-doing on her part. It was just bad optics and a dumb decision on Hilary’s part but it helped feed a conspiracy that the Clinton’s were super villains or some shit.

Elizabeth Warren has been attacked for claiming that she was Native American (when she is clearly white as hell) and using that lie to get into better colleges and take advatage of affirmative action laws.

HAHAHAHA. She didn’t just mindlessly check a box for Native American. Nope, homegirl straight up hand wrote ‘American Indian’ as her race. She had time. AHAHAHAHA. The Scammer’s Hall of Fame is always ready to accept new members.

Warren has since apologized and met with Cherokee leaders to ask for forgiveness or at least created the optics that she is apologetic. She is not Native American and claiming to be for all of these years for her own personal gain is kind of gross considering white Europeans have been trying to erase Natives out of existence since day one.

It’s important to also point out that Liz Warren may not have intended to take advantage. It’s very possible that her parents told her that lie when she was a child and she grew up believing it or she created that lie when she was a child and no one in her family ever corrected her. I think we all grew up knowing at least ONE person who claimed to have Native American blood to appear more interesting.

That being said, who gives a shit? She’s not Native American. She has apologized. Do not let yourself get distracted from the fact that she is trying to take money out of the pockets of rich people to help re-establish the middle class in this country and the rich people will do anything to stop that from happening.

So from now until 2020, they are going to treat her heritage like Hilary’s emails, constantly throwing it into the forefront of every conversation even though it has nothing to do with the policies she is proposing and even though the man she is potentially running against had 22 sexual misconduct lawsuits against him that magically disappeared when he was elected president.

I still don’t give a shit about Hilary’s emails.




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