Don’t Feel Bad For Joe Biden

The fun seems to be over with the Joe Biden campaign as everyone is truly starting to show concern for their grandpa who has spent this entire election cycle mumbling nonsensical garbage at any and all opportunities.

This week, we all stopped laughing at his dumb for brains leaking out of his mouth hole as he stood in front of a South Carolina audience and said he was running for the Senate.

“And if you don’t like me than vote for the other Biden”. We’ve reached a point where this man can only barely stammer his own name. Joe Biden is running to be president of the United States and he appears to be the only one that doesn’t know it.

All I’ve seen this morning is a universal idea that ‘ok, this isn’t funny anymore. This is sad to see’ and my only reaction is: fuck em.

We currently have a man in the Oval Office who only knows six words and has surrounded himself with people who are all in prison now like Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Roger Stone.

Donald Frump a criminal who doesn’t give a shit about any of the Americans he governs over and is a big enough megalomaniac with unchecked power that he could change the laws to stay in the White House forever so the stakes are far too high to have Biden’s melting brain leaking out of his ears every day.

No one is making this clown run for president for the third time in his life as no one cared when he ran in 1988 and 2008 but now he is attempting to ride Barack Obama’s wave to sneak into the White House.

Get this geriatric scammer out of the election. There are candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who are truly out here attempting to fix the overwhelming wealth gap in this country that politicians like Joe Biden has spent his entire career creating.

Just this week alone, Biden claimed to have worked on the 2016 Paris Climate Accord with former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping died in 1997.

He’s randomly starting claiming that he was arrested while attempting to visit Nelson Mandela which is a story that he’s never told before which is strange for a man who loves nothing more than telling stories about how heroic he is. Totally not made up and clearly not pandering to black voters as he’s now just saying whatever easily fact checked historical lie his failing mind can construct.

I understand feeling bad for Biden because of the deaths that have occurred in his family. *whispers* we all have deaths in our family. That’s not a free pass. I also understand feeling sorry for a man whose name tag says ‘Hello, my name is Dementia’.

But fuck Joe Biden.

Biden spent a majority of his political career expanding prisons and arresting as many humans as possible. He increased the use of death penalties, financially incentivized states to build new prisons and led to modern mass incarceration numbers because he was an entitled ignorant asshole from Delaware who thinks you deserve life in prison if you listen to rap music too loud.

Biden’s crime bill turned nonviolent drug arrests into life-ending prison sentences and he pats himself on the back for stopping crime or some shit but instead, he just exasperated the prison industrial complex and the militarization of the police in primarily black communities.

So cool. Please keep telling us how you have one black friend after the decades you spent destroying black families.

This sundowning dead-brained special needs hospice patient is fucking up this election running on his promise to maintain the awful status quo while very publicly displaying his inability to articulate his warm ice cream thoughts.

The debate stage is already too crowded with a rat mayor and a real life super villain (who also happens to be a rat mayor).

We all know that Bernie and Liz should be up there debating each other but Joe Biden has to jump in when he’s not sleeping with his eyes open so he can stagger through a prepared line he can’t remember as he tries his darndest not to say the n-word on live TV.

Do not feel bad for this man who is fucking this election up because he’s a household name that casual American voters recognize. He has no chance to beat Trump, despite Trump being the worst president ever. He has no new dynamic plans or policies to improve anyone’s daily life except his own.

Joe Biden needs to be placed in San Junipero to live through the 80s again. Minus the lesbian love story.

Or just fuck off entirely.










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Written by TheLesterLee

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