Don’t Dare Blame Anyone Else For Wasting Lockdown

Hey you, yes you. Have you achieved anything productive during the lockdown? Why the f not?!


Sure, the Michael Jordan documentary and Tiger King (that b***h Carole did it) were great. However, this is perhaps the greatest opportunity to invest in self-improvement that you’ll ever have. You have an excuse to avoid family gatherings, shopping days with your girl, and other tasks you hate. Utilize this time properly, and you can enjoy those rewards for years to come.


Millions of people are moaning about the fact they’ve got fat over the past two or three months. That’s great. This is your chance to get fit and go from a 4/10 (sorry buddy) to an 8/10 of beefcake. Yeah, sorry, you won’t ever be a 9 or 10 with that smile. But hey, at least you can use this as an opportunity to get your partner in shape too. And I’m sure you can think of some additional ways to burn extra calories.


Becoming the fittest you’ve ever been will make party season all the more exciting once normality returns. The fact you’ll become a healthier person that no longer feels exhausted after climbing a few flights of stairs is a positive too. But, let’s not kid ourselves; the thought of finally seeing abs rather than a beer gut is the main reward.


If you’re currently dreading the thought of returning to the office, you’re not alone. You’re not worried about COVID-19. You’re worried about boredom. So, use this time to grab life by the horns and rewrite your history. Nobody else will do it for you, bro.


Launching a business gives you a chance to work on that thing you love. I’m not gonna lie; I don’t care if your passion is for basketball, music, journalism, or selling sneakers. Whatever it is, a strong website supported by a cheap VPS that offers excellent scalability will serve you well. The initial phase is the hardest, but you’ve got more time to kill than ever, which means this should not be a problem. You can thank me when your side hustle finally allows you to tell your boss that you quit.¬†


Creating a better future for yourself is great, but there’s also a chance to give back to the community. We often don’t have time to campaign or support important causes, but there is no excuse for this right now. You can work out what topics matter for yourself.


Meanwhile, you should aim to improve the lives of people around you. Mental health affects more people than ever, especially for those that face the lockdown alone. Setting up a video conferencing account ain’t hard. Your digital face-to-face interactions could make all the difference to a loved one. You’ll hate yourself forever if you allow them to suffer in silence.


I ain’t lecturing anyone. If you’re happy to spend the rest of the lockdown jacking it eating Pop-Tarts, be my guest. But seriously, bro, there’s a chance to do something amazing right now. Don’t you dare complain if you let it pass you by.


Stay safe.


Written by Deadseriousness


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