Donald Trump Casually Asks Russia To Hack the United States to Find Hillary’s E-mails

The Donald Trump Russia is stepping up to the next level as Trump is publicly asking Russia for illegal favors, as one does.

Anti-trump people have come out of the woodwork to call Donald out for ‘treason‘. I believe #TrumpTreason might still be trending on Twitter as you read this. That’s kind of a harsh title for a man who says wild shit daily yet still leads in the polls. The man can plead to Russia to hack us and he’s probably still going to win the election by a landslide.

It’s insane that people still take what Donald Trump says seriously. I don’t think Vladimir Putin was sitting with his staff on the phone like hostage negotiators waiting for the certain amount of minutes to pass so that can trace the call. Russia is 1000% already reading our disgusting e-mails. You don’t have to invite spiders into your home, just assume they’re already there.

The craziest part about this story is that motherfuckers are STILL crying about Hillary Clinton‘s e-mails. We get it, Hillary fucked up and then got scared and deleted her e-mails. Just like every human being who has ever fucked up on their job has ever done. She didn’t have secret e-mail exchanges with terrorist organizations. Please believe and understand this.

Donald Trump just came off the top rope and attempted to derail the Democratic National Convention. He succeeded. Trump: 1,000,000. People on Twitter: 0



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