30 Times Donald Trump Was Racist, Sexist and Just Overall Despicable

Soo Donald Trump has a 50% chance of becoming the president of the United States of America. That was amazing for Deadseriousness as he ran through every other republican candidate and shit down their throats. Page views were through the roof when Trump stuffed Ted Cruz in a locker and stole Jeb Bush’s lunch money.

It’s all fun and games until you realize we’re a month away from deciding who will be leader of the country that has the most nuclear weapons ever. Here are 30 times Trump has been the worst human. Now, I’m sure there are wayyyy more than 30 times but we don’t have all day to read this thing. We have to prepare for the day we drafted to ‘voluntarily’ build a wall at the Mexican border.

1. In 1973 the Trump Management Corporation was sued by the US Department of Justice for violating the Fair Housing Act. Basically, Trump refused to allow black people to rent in his buildings. When black people would apply for apartments, Trump would lie and say there were no vacancies. So yea, Trump didn’t want black people to live in his buildings even though according to him at the debates ‘black people are living in hell’.

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Written by TheLesterLee

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