Donald Trump Tossed Paper Towels To (Like 7) Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico…Problem Solved

Well, time to keep it moving. This Hurricane Maria disaster is about wrapped up now, right? Our president went down there and gave like 7 people a pack of Bounty. We’re good here. We can take back all of our valuable thoughts and prayers because now a handful of people have paper towels. Throw another one in the Win column for your boy, Donny T.

It rained a lot over there so I’m sure those paper towels will help absorb some of the precipitation. Sure, many of the people in that crowd still remain without electricity, food and some have lost family members but they also got to be in the same room as the president of the United States sooo like, again, problem solved.


Also real quick, shout out to Trump for flying down to Puerto Rico and looking people who have lost everything directly in the eyes to say ‘this hurricane was nothing compared to Katrina’. That’s like holding a press conference for the families of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting and saying ‘This is cute or whatever but have you guys heard about Sandy Hook? Now that’s a REAL mass shooting’.


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